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Taking Action to Learn

Dec 6, 2016 |

We talk about what we want all the time. From an early age, we dream about who we want to be, about where we want to go, and about all the people and things that will populate our world once we get to that “goal.”

What no one prepares us for- at least not consistently- is that very often, in fact, pretty much every time we begin to create our dreams, it calls in a series of opportunities for us to learn. 

Learning does not have to be difficult; in fact, it does not have to be anything. What learning is, however, is an experience that allows us the opportunity to explore what we already know, what we believe we know, and to recognize what we have yet to know.

Then comes a choice. 

A choice occurs when everyone is at the crucial juncture of “do I move forward in creating my dreams.” The choice involves the growing and expansion of your comfort zone. 

Our Comfort zone seems fixed by our families, our expectations, by society, but it is easily expanded with focus, practice and trust.

This comfort zone gets created from our experiences, from what we inherit, and from the expectations of our immediate culture around us. In order to expand our comfort zone, learning and trust are essential. 

Let’s talk for a moment about what happens in our body when we learn something new. Our brain is a beautiful super-computer made up of circuits and connectors. The speed at which electric impulses (information) travels through theses circuits depends on how much myelin- fatty tissue- is present. Think of this fatty tissue like oil for your car- without lots of nice oil, running the car easily and quickly becomes a bit of a problem. 

So guess what causes the transmission of information to move faster? 

As we practice a new behavior- a new skill- a new bit of knowledge, it does something beautiful in our brain. It actually triggers a pair of cells called glial cells to produce this lubrication- myelin, thereby allowing our brain to go from one neuron to another, to essentially speed up and teleport information across the circuit board. 

Pretty cool, huh?

So why am I rambling on about the brain?

Because very often, every student comes to a point in their life education- be it in school, at work, or in life, because we are constantly acquiring knowledge- where the learning process begins to feel uncomfortable, where we can no longer remain where we are but we can not go back to what we were. 

The learning actually causes discomfort in our heart, brings up our deepest sorrows and our greatest fears. It is an uncomfortable feeling. 

This is when you need to trust your vision and your self. 

Our brain is actually rewiring itself to prepare for this new way of doing things, this new information.

We do not begin anything at the end. 

We do not begin already knowing how to ride the bicycle. 

First we get on it. Then if we are really good at balancing- maybe, we keep the bike from falling over- for a moment. 

Then we try riding.

And we fall.

And it hurts, because we scrape our knees, and we feel embarrassed, because we feel we should know how to do this already (don’t worry- there is a post coming on this topic soon)

But then, we make a choice.

We get back on the bicycle.

Because we want to go further than we have ever gone before. 

WE stay focused, and we trust in our abilities to achieve our dreams. So FOCUS. There are so many distractions along the way, so many “reasons” to stop learning, to stop following what we know in our hearts is for our best interest. 

If there is something that you want to do, someone you want to become, an experience in your life you want to have, are you ready to experience the learning that comes with it? 

Are you ready to activate your brain to begin teleporting information across your body, so your actions become more confident, more essential, more vital in the creation of your life? 

Think about what you want in your life; do you know how to do everything you need to do to achieve these goals? 

Your answer should be no; you are a human being who is here on the earth to learn, to grow and evolve. You have some big dreams. 

How much faith do you have in your self to learn? How much are you willing to focus to achieve these dreams?

Look at how you commit to your evolution. Make the commitment now to honor your right to remove those caution tapes and walk fully in the parts of your path you have always been afraid to remember. 

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