Healing & Wellness

In person or remote healing, yoga, meditation and more. Shift your body, mindset and life through your practice with Amy J.

Thai Bodywork

Thai Yoga Bodywork is a substantial, fully-clothed massage experience that takes place on mats with props; it is designed to open up the creative and healing faculties of the body, mind and spirit, and promote grounding, calmness and wellness. Each Thai offering is customized for your unique constitution and physical, emotional and spiritual readiness.

Offering a safe and gentle exploration of the benefits of the bodywork modality, Amy J. introduces you to gentle asana postures and focuses on sen line bodywork (Thai acupressure lines) to facilitate relaxation, release, and comfort using the Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Bodywork techniques. Highly recommended to release stress, tension, and promote calming balance and activation of the body and mind. Table Thai Bodywork is available upon request.


Your customized yoga asana experience with Amy J. is inspired out of your body, mind and spirit’s intention for balance and harmony. Amy J. instructs you in yoga asanas (postures), safe alignment for your body and ability, as well as proper breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques using a synthesis of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, and Embodyoga® and somatic awareness practices.

Amy J. offers private and group classes in person, live virtual, or pre-recorded, as well as customized yoga routines, yoga, meditation and mindful, and compassionate embodiment programs. Instruction is available for students of all ages and experiences. Restorative, prenatal and postpartum yoga, and children’s yoga instruction are available, too. Assistance is offered as part of practice if helpful for clients of varying skill levels and physical ability.

Develop your practice with asana (postures), meditation, pranayama (breathwork), diet, yoga nidra (yogic rest) and more. Contact us today to learn more.

Private and Small Group Cooking Classes

Amy J. happily offers cooking classes that range from gourmet cuisine to ayurvedic and macrobiotic cooking. Each class is hands on, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves! Private and group sessions are available.

Rates are available upon request. For reservations, requests, questions, or more information, please contact us directly.

Crystal Grid Healing/Past-Life Regression

A non-invasive, in-person session using healing crystals to induce deep relaxation;

A crystal grid offers you the opportunity to take a guided journey to source physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages, and safely and gently resolve them, allowing for the possibility of physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation in the present moment.


World leaders, teachers, and healers, students, and fellow human beings- we wish to assist you in providing insight, access to deeper and more integrated self-awareness, and healing, so you may assist your students, clients, loved ones, and the planet as efficiently and with as much kindness and care as possible.

Heal with Amy J.

Amy J.’s sessions are for you if you are ready to explore your resistance to being a embodied authentically in your life: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Her support is available for you if you are 100% ready to be accountable for your own process of healing, recovery, and evolution. She is available to offer guidance and a safe container, so you can release and heal from a space of powerful vulnerability. With you, she facilitates resolution to issues blocking you from creating the joyful, abundant, and healthy life you are meant to live.

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