With over 20 years of experience in classrooms of all kinds, Amy J. is available to work with students and teachers alike.

Education consulting

Amy J.’s experience ranges from working directly with students one on one to group and classroom settings. She has worked with students ranging in age from preschool to post-graduate level and adult learners. Over the past decade, she has honed her focus to assisting students who learn outside of the “box” of traditional standards of education. Students with unique learning diagnoses are given the chance to examine and explore alternative approaches to succeeding at school that are not typically offered in the traditional classroom environment.

Working with students involves doing an assessment over a series of meetings to determine what type of learning approach best suits a student’s individual needs. Amy works with parents, caregivers, and students’ teachers to create a plan to best support students in their academic, social, and emotional success.

Amy offers a range of support approaches to her students: Academic support, organizational skills, time management, social-emotional connection, emotion and nervous system regulation, and stress management.

In addition to working in a tutoring capacity, Amy J. has over two decades of teaching and curriculum development experience and is available to teach various subjects. For more information, please inquire.

Working with educators: Amy J offers solo or group sessions for educators and facilitators to identify, explore, and resolve any interpersonal challenges they may have in their own teaching and learning process. She is available for both in-person and remote individual and group sessions. Her signature program: Teaching Masters, is a personalized self-healing approach designed for teachers, caregivers, and facilitators that uses Amy J.’s book, “An Instructor’s Guide to Educating with Kindness and Leading with Love,” as a guide. 

Program development

Have an idea for a course, training, program, website, retreat or workshop Having difficulty getting your content together? Not sure how to put all the working pieces together in a way that is inspiring for you and going to be life-changing for your students? Finding it hard to teach what you want without encountering hurdles along the way? Whatever it is, the way you share your wisdom can make all the difference. 

With over 13 years of working in curriculum and program development in New York City as a writer, editor, teacher and curriculum development manager, Amy J.’s experience ranges from: in person and on line self-development trainings, yoga, theater, movement, improvisation, creative writing, meditation and empowerment retreats, academic testing, after-school and residency academic curricula, homeschool curricula and more.

She possesses over 18 years of performance and directing experience world-wide, which she uses to assist you in not only creating and organizing your content in the most effective way for your students, but also so you can be the best and most authentic facilitator possible.

Amy J.’s expertise lies in knowing how to create a course structure and program that not only flows for your participants but flows for you as well, allowing both teacher/facilitator AND students to excel to their highest potential. Her experience teaching allows her to bring to life even the most mundane content for students to learn, grow and excel- in all areas of their life, and she offers you her custom support  through envisioning, writing, organizing and teaching your chosen material.

Heal with Amy J.

Amy J.’s sessions are for you if you are ready to explore your resistance to being a embodied authentically in your life: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Her support is available for you if you are 100% ready to be accountable for your own process of healing, recovery, and evolution. She is available to offer guidance and a safe container, so you can release and heal from a space of powerful vulnerability. With you, she facilitates resolution to issues blocking you from creating the joyful, abundant, and healthy life you are meant to live.

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