Manna Healing with Amy J.

Learn. Heal. Evolve.

About Amy

Amy J. offers a variety of in-person, virtual, and easily accessible evolution-oriented events, classes, workshops, and consultations for your personal growth and success.

A portion of every financial commitment you make to your healing through working with Amy J. is donated to local and global charities to make our world a better place.

Our mission

What we do

Manna Healing with Amy J provides lessons, certifications, classes, and workshops in: self-healing practices and meditation to educators, facilitators, caregivers, teachers, and students alike using a variety of meditation, healing, energetic and somatic processes along with other simple and accessible practices that can be done by anyone regardless of race, belief system, experience level or background.


To offer individuals and groups who are ready to commit to improving themselves in some way, the tools and guidance to step into their ability to be fully resourceful and present in their relationships, bodies, professions, and community, so that they may take action to help our planet grow and learn.


We honor you by being a touchstone that enables you to easily identify and resolve what blocks you from learning, growing, and being at your highest potential, and we support you as you tread forward in your learning as a human being.


World leaders, teachers, and healers, students, and fellow human beings- we wish to assist you in providing insight, access to deeper and more integrated self-awareness, and healing, so you may assist your students, clients, loved ones, and the planet as efficiently and with as much kindness and care as possible.

Why “Manna Healing?”

“Manna” or “mana” are found universally and have been used for centuries across many cultures and religions. “Manna” is known in the Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions as the spontaneous “gift” from God and heaven given to the Israelites during their journey through the wilderness; arriving at night, they collected and ground the manna for nourishment.

“Manna” in Greco-Roman Mythology appears through the form of “ambrosia,” the nectar of the gods, supplying those who drank of it with longevity, health, abundance and even immortality.

“Mana” is known in the pacific and Austronesian islands as a form of power, potency, and effectiveness, (both supernatural and real) and is something one can accumulate.

We wish for everyone who joins us in healing, learning and becoming, to remember the potency of their own mana and their natural ability to provide and co-create miracles every moment.

Heal with Amy J.

Amy J.’s sessions are for you if you are ready to explore your resistance to being a embodied authentically in your life: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Her support is available for you if you are 100% ready to be accountable for your own process of healing, recovery, and evolution. She is available to offer guidance and a safe container, so you can release and heal from a space of powerful vulnerability. With you, she facilitates resolution to issues blocking you from creating the joyful, abundant, and healthy life you are meant to live.

“Healing from Amy is a transformational and exhilarating experience leaving one in awe and wonder. Each time it is deeper, wider, higher, better. When she teaches you can feel the meaning, you experience her words, your spirit responds and you are elated. If you want to change your reality, talk to Amy. ”


“I have had the opportunity to participate in three of Amy’s online classes – Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, and Digging Deeper. Amy’s knowledge on the subject and being able to tie in class topics with numerous examples brought so much wealth to the table. Her ability to personalize assistance via the 7th plane seemed effortless and her delivery exuded with enthusiasm and genuineness. Thanks, Amy!”


“I just finished taking the Basic DNA Theta Healing Class. Amy’s an incredible instructor. Her knowledge, love and energy is off the charts. I look forward to taking more classes from Amy & HIGHLY RECOMMEND all of her services. Thanks Amy you rock!”


“I have taken ThetaHealing Basic and Advanced with Amy J and I have gotten so much out of it! After the second day of classes, I experienced a deep healing where I felt that old negative thinking patterns were removed and I got more clarity! I can’t wait to take more classes with Amy in the future, she is an amazing human being!”


“Amy has supported me through navigating through one of the most difficult times of my life. Now I am studying with her, and I discovered she is also a powerful teacher. I always wanted to be able to heal myself, and grow as a whole aligned person; studying and working on myself with Amy is giving me a very important tool to unfold and make a reality of one of the most important purpose of my life. ”


“I have taken 3 classes with Amy J and I am looking forward to more. She has an exuberance and a joy as a teacher and person that I find so resonates with me! She has a tremendous gift as a healer and as a teacher. She explains universal concepts in a way that is easy to understand. She has the ability to cater to each different student and their level of knowledge and learning style. She makes you feel comfortable, cared for, and excited about what you are learning. Amy J truly loves this work and it shows in every class she teaches! I can’t recommend her courses enough!”


“I have been working with Amy J. for over six years now. I can’t begin to express how instrumental she has been in aiding the healing process for me. She is truly gifted. She has also worked with both of my daughters. Her intuitive nature and wonderful personality make every session amazing. Cannot recommend her enough.”


“I feel that Thetahealing® is much more effective than psychotherapy, because it gets to the heart of things without pain, and it then enables a release from things that may have been causing pain for a really long time. It also gives a certain unique insight that I think can enable a person to expand the good qualities of their life. ”


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